I am a registered UKCP Adult and Child Psychotherapist.  I have over 15 years experience as a therapist and I also offer Clinical Supervision for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.  As a Body and Movement Practitioner I offer a way for you to unite body, mind and soul – or just be physically healthier!

I offer a safe haven where you can take time to breathe, reflect, consider, and explore life and all its options.  I am there to support you in this process with empathy, non-judgement, and confidentiality.  Together we can find the right therapeutic route for you to make a happier and healthier onward journey.

I offer help for the mind, the emotions, behaviour, the body, and  relationships.  You may be suffering from extreme psychological trauma, be seeking greater personal fulfilment, or simply desire a healthier physique.  Every one of our cells energetically holds our life story and I draw from a range of mind and body therapies that can help you express, explore, and further your story in a way that feels right and works for you.

The Therapies …
Psychotherapy & Counselling (UKCP registered): Talking therapies for emotional, relational, behavioural, & mental health issues
Integrative Arts Psychotherapy (MA through IATE/Met University): As above with the aid of expression through the metaphor
EMDR (trained and qualified): A talking therapy to process trauma
DDP (trained) aids relational potential, particularly between parent and child
CBT (trained) helps difficult thoughts, behaviours and emotions unite on a more healthy path
Pilates (Stott based): Posture, body alignment and core stability
Yoga (BWY & YA): Focus, strength, flexibility, inner calm, peace
Trauma Sensitive Yoga (trained in US with B. Van der Kolk): Helps to heal psychological and physiological trauma.
Remedial Deep Tissue Massage (LSSM/BTECV): Helps injury prevention, performance & injury recovery.  Can help release stored emotion.
Reiki (trained & qualified): Gentle, spiritual healing of body and soul.
Dance (trained & qualified) move, express, be free, have fun!

A free initial 15 minute consultation by phone will help you learn more

I have over 15 years’ of experience working with male and female adults, adolescents, and children.  I’ve worked in Private Practice, at The Priory Hospital, in London Schools, for Women’s Centres, and for residential child care organisations.

Before becoming a therapist I had an extensive career working in the media and mainstream television production; and almost a lifetime’s experience as a movement practitioner in theatre and education.  I maintain a down to earth, real world mentality whilst helping you through your difficulties.

The extent of the list of therapies I offer does not diminish the expertise in each.  You may choose just one therapy, you may work with a mix that evolves with you on your path to  change.  If the mind gets stuck and the words don’t come, the body can speak.  If the body gets stuck, the mind may help it release.  We can work together with ALL YOU ARE.”

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