Beautiful Bergerac: 
23-30 July, 2018
Let the wide open spaces of south west France give your body and soul room to restore and refresh. Join us for yoga in the most wonderful large converted barn; fresh local produce on the table; Bastide towns a plenty to explore; local foods and wines to sample; wide open rivers to drift down; sleepy countryside lanes to wander or cycle down; or enjoy simply relaxing by the pool. Contact: for more information. Click the link below: 

Yoga Holiday Beautiful Bergerac 2018


Dearest Pauline

Thank you for giving us the best start to 2016 and creating an unforgettable experience.  Your energy, planning and sense of humour gelled the group immediately.  We are truly grateful for the variety of practices that you introduced to us.  Some of our favourites included the dance improvised yoga on New Year’s Eve, the Tom Jones hip opener moves, and meditation on the doorstep.  The meditation classes were truly blissful and you had the selfless giving heart to do additional workshops for everyone.  Hopefully we will see you again in the future!

Love and Light

Atish and Tara

I booked myself to attend Pauline’s New Year retreat with some nervousness.  Life is a little challenging at the moment and I knew yoga and meditation would help.  What I really wanted was a guarantee that this yoga teacher that I’d never met would be the right one.  The reality was that Pauline was absolutely wonderful and that this retreat will hopefully be the first of many with her.  She encompasses every thing that you need in a good teacher.  She made me believe in my own strength and my own power to heal myself when I was a little doubting of both.

Thank you Pauline!!


-After three days’ of Pauline’s guidance, knowledge, and inner wisdom I find my body realigned, my posture much improved, and a deep sense of relaxation.

-Her personal attention and sensitivity to one’s needs has enhanced my learning and strength.  I leave feeling energised yet deeply relaxed, joyful and enlightened.


The classes were amazing, the biggest take-away for me was how my posture has changed.  I feel stronger in the core and taller.

The classes were always different and fun, Pauline’s energy was good and not overbearing or low, for me it was the right amount of energy which I resonated well with.  It was a pleasure being on this yoga retreat.


My time at the New Year Yoga Retreat with Pauline McIntosh was truly exceptional.  The setting was tranquil, beautiful and relaxing.  Our teacher Pauline was brilliant, she continued throughout the weekend to inspire and helped me get stronger and heal.  I would highly recommend one of Pauline’s retreats to anyone who wants to feel better in their body, mind and soul.


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