Our emotions and life experiences make an imprint on every cell of our body.  This in turn can affect our posture, movement patterns and mental health.  Both pilates and yoga can offer a path through posture and movement to healthier mental and physical health, and thus they work very well with psychotherapy.  Of course you might just want a straightforward 1-1 pilates or yoga session, or perhaps you would like to attend one of the classes listed below.

Here’s how they can help ….

With pilates you can:
-Take a look at your posture and alignment in and out of movement
-Help get back onto a path of wellness if you are, or have been, injured
-Work towards injury prevention
-Help strengthen your core and key muscles to balance your whole frame
-Assist in emotional balance by working through posture and alignment

Yoga, meaning in Sanskrit ‘to join’, unites body and mind to find a way forward by:
-using philosophy, breath, body postures and movements, and meditation
-stretching, strengthening, focusing, relaxing, reducing stress, and improving the mental well-being of the practitioner
-helping the psyche and emotions through the body and guiding one towards peace and happiness

Trauma Sensitive Yoga
This acknowledges that trauma and difficult feelings can be stored in the body, and gently and sensitively empowers the client to work with these issues.  This psychological and physical form of yoga therapy was devised by David Emerson and Bessel Van Der Kolk of the Boston Trauma Center (U.S.A).  I trained with them in the U.S.



Swanmore School  8.00-9.15pm YOGA


Swanmore School Hall   6-7pm PILATES general level, good for beginners

Swanmore School Gym   7-8pm DANCE a fun class with great dance routines

Swanmore School Gym   8-9pm PILATES general level, good for intermediates


Botley Market Hall            7-8.15 pm        YOGA

Booking is essential for all classes.  Contact: 07976 322234

PAULINE MCINTOSH 07976 322234 Email: pauline@themindbodymovement.co.uk